An Interview with Beard Juice

We have a great in-depth chat with the man behind Beard Juice, Wayne Pollard.

Who's behind Beard Juice?

Wayne Pollard, 43 years young. Born and raised in Poole Dorset, now living in Gillingham Kent for just over 15 years.

Left school wanting to be a photographer, but never committed to practising my photography so nothing ever came of it. Spent a few years working in a professional photo studio developing and processing photos for all the pro photographers. Went out with a few of them on shoots but it never really caught my imagination.

Watched the film cocktail in the 90's and was hooked. Decided I wanted to be a cocktail bartender, packed my bags and was on the first train to London. Enrolled on a cocktail bartenders’ course, qualified and was instantly given a job in a cool joint called 'Foxtrot Oscar' in Chelsea. Met every A list celebrity under the sun, did and saw things a wet behind the ears southern boy should not see or do, but did them anyway!!

Spent a few years in London working at some really high end bars and clubs and slowly worked my way down to Pubs. My career in the hospitality industry ended in Maidstone Kent, as i met my now wife. It was time to grow up and get a more sociable career.

My wife had recently taken over an Osteopath practice in Gillingham. Whilst helping her get that set up, I set about teaching myself all about IT, took a few courses, became qualified as a Computer Engineer, learnt a little more, got a few more qualifications and before you knew it had my own little IT company, which I still run today alongside Beard Juice

What's drives you?

Winston Churchill (more detail below).

How long have you been creating beard products?

When the whole Movember thing kicked off in the UK a couple of years back I already had a goatee and had never really considered growing it, because my face hair is naturally coarse, patchy and curly, so when it grows long it can be a bit gnarly. I tried a couple of oils and didn’t really go for them. I remember looking at the ingredients on one and thought how hard can it be.

Did a bit of research, and a bit more, then some more. Spoke to a friend who’s a chemist who gave some advice and still does. I ordered a few oils, essential oils etc. and started playing. So it was really late 2014 early 2015 when my cellar became the 'Beard Cave' and the brewing began.

What 3 words sum up the Beard Juice?


This is what i say every day, and its from a Winston Churchill quote that is part of my DNA, so much so its tattooed on my body 2 times!

"Never Give In. Never Give In. Never, never, never, never in nothing, great or small, large or petty never give in. Except to the convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

Any new products on the horizon?

Hell Yes Sir! First to come are the Shave Oil which comes in a unique dispensing bottle. That’s all I’m going to say on that.

Next is our Nut free beard Oil. As nut allergy's seem to be on the rise, I have created a nut free option to cater for those with nut allergies.

  • several more beard oil scents
  • beard wash bar, is in the final phase of production so that will be out in a few weeks
  • shower gels will hopefully be ready for Crimbo
  • moustache wax is also in the pipeline
  • a new beard balm is coming along
  • pomades are also in early stage of development so won’t be ready until 2017
  • a full clothes line
  • more T Shirts
  • hoodies
  • baseball caps
  • shirts and bags

Working with a local designer so these are going to be something very special.  A women’s range of beauty / care products is also in the offering.

I already make a shave oil, and intensive skin oil for my wife and friends, which are going down very well.  Also working with a local designer who’s creating some AMAZING products using Victorian Oak.

These will be one of a kind limited edition handmade antique master pieces. Really excited about this, so watch this space.

What's your favourite product you sell?

No.79 all day long. Just love the scent. Instant wake up in the morning and throughout the day. Its smells so good I want to drink it. But don’t, DON'T drink it!

Favourite film?


Beer or wine?


Bikes or Cars?

Cars all day long. Also Love bikes and am currently looking to get an old Russian WWII bike to restore and use for Beard Juice promotions.


I'm an avid compound archer. Play in the Mid Kent league and have dreams of one day being at the Olympics, If the Olympic committee ever decide to allow compound bows.