How to Stop Itchy Beard Syndrome

If there's anything guaranteed to drive a man close to the edge it can be beard itch. We'll take you through the simple steps that can give you the respite and respect your beard demands.

Now for the Sciency part

Irritation to your skin by mechanical or chemical means will lead to histamine release from your skin cells.  It's the histamine that causes the red inflamed skin that needs a wire brush just to get some relief.  

Alas, your beard hair is not the smooth shaft you'd like to think it is!  It's scaly and has rough edges that your imperfect razor once cut and it's this that mechanically irritates your skin.

Similarly, when you wash away the natural oils of your skin you wash away its protection; exposing your vulnerable skin to the insults of the environment, whether that be bacteria or air pollution - it's now under attack!  

Clean, Condition, Comb, Repeat

The first step is to actually clean your beard - properly.

The Miller's Solid Shampoo

If you use normal shampoo or soap on your beard all you'll do is dry it and your skin out, it's just not designed for caring for your beard.  All those amazing natural oils that protect your beard and skin are just washed away leaving you with, you've guessed it, itchy beard syndrome.

Luckily there are at least two great options for this step: Solid Shampoo bars and Beard Washes, each with there own advantages.

Beard OilsThe second step is conditioning.

You've prepped your beard now and to keep it soft you'll need to condition it.  Conditioning can come in numerous forms from tailor-made conditioners to beard oils, so the choice is up to you.  Beard Oils aim to replace or augment the natural oils of your skin, but particular essential oils actually help reduce itch - look for ones with sweet almond oil.

Grizzly Adam Beard Comb

The third step is combing.  Although this can become ritualistic it is nevertheless just as important as the previous steps in keeping your beard and skin itch free.

By combing you'll brush out some of the accumulated debris but also encourage good growth - and in the right direction. We've all had ingrown hairs and they're a source of irritation too.  Combing or brushing will entice that beard in the right direction leaving it glorious.  You can use a good beard comb, such as Grizzly Adam's Beard Comb or a brush such as this particularly fine brush from the Bedfordshire Beard Company

In summary

By keeping to these three simple steps you'll help reduce the itch and increase the majesty of your beard!